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Sunday, February 5, 2012

So....who is living this life afterall?

I have some really great news for me. Me. And hopefully for my family and friends as well. I had to make a very hard decision to walk away from a job that I loved (that was about to change drastically for me) in order to prioritize my life...again. I really struggle with making ME a priority. But I have gained so much weight since this summer, and am at an all time high (pre or post pregnancy) weight.  I could scream, because it all just fits into me not thinking of myself through all of the stress and aggrivation that life brings to me. I can't wait to just get myself organized and ready to be a full time part of my family again. It's like the last 15 months just flew by, and I am back home from a long trip away.  Routines are different, the way my kids respond to things are different....and my wonderful husband picked up every peice he needed to to allow for me to work as hard as I did. IIIIIII"MMMM BAAACCCCKKK!!

I can't focus just on losing a certain number of pounds...but I can focus on one thing at a time to make me healthier. One thing each week to make me healthier than I was the week before....sounds simple enough....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

boy it's been a while

When I look at the accomplishments I have had over the last year, none of them are related to my health. My role working for a business in my hometown has been grueling at times emotionally and in time spent (based on my expectations of working part time) I have recently needed to make tough decisions in order to be home with my children more, and have more time to try to get myself healthy. Our home is in better organization shape than it once was,but could most certainly use some TLC. Thankfully, I have some options to work from home or not to work at all. I am very excited for what reducing (or removing) my working hours will do for my family, but I will be missing my job and coworkers very much.  I am looking forward to blogging a little more, and learning again from the blogs that I followed before (and some new ones I am sure) how to get back to a healthy balance of God, Family, Friends and work. This time, in that order.