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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 1 Weigh-in

This week I lost a little over a pound! I am so glad that I just kind of took my time to make some better choices this week. I tried to get more hydrated (which I have a REAL problem doing for some reason). Having PCOS makes me insulin resistant and can slow down weight loss.  Honestly, my eating habits leave MUCH to desire lately, so that is more likely the reason for the slower start.  I interviewed this past week for two jobs. Both of them were great opportunities for me, with great personal rewards that could come from each. However, I was very stressed at the idea that one of them was about a 35 minute drive and Full time. The other is about a mile away from my house and part time. This opportunity could become full time at any point if I need it to. I am so thankful that at this point I feel like we will be ok with just the part time effort. My little kids need me to be around as much as possible, while my husband could use some back up here and there where bills are concerned. I decided to go with the part-time job. I am hoping that I can do better meal planning on my breaks, and maybe even get some exercising in. 

Now all I have to do is get my house in order before I start in October!~ That is a whole other mess!

Take care,


Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting to get on a schedule

I never thought I would say it, but I am glad for a new and more limiting schedule this fall. My kids will be going to preschool three days a week, which will allow me to keep more of a  routine schedule for everyone. This will allow me to do the meal planning that I love to see on  It makes my life so much easier when I plan my meals out. If I decide to go back to the working world, I will need to have some sort of system in place to keep the peace in the house for sure!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp was everything but my waist!

Just coming back from my favorite week of the year feels great. We are getting settled and ready for preschool to start for the kids. I spent much of the last week eating large amounts of very fattening foods....many planned and executed by me. I tried to do better than I did last year, which I did. I just didn't eat the way I should have. It's an incredibly busy week, and I had to scarf things down as I could sometimes. 

I just find that stress (which is inevitable in the season of life that I am in) makes me eat. LIKE CRAZY! I have to get back on track, so I am going to do something that I never got the courage to do pics as often as possible, and be accountable for my weight. Whether I go up or down.

In the past, I would get all wound up that I did not lose anything in a week, or that I gained a little bit at a time. Reality check: I am going to gain weight if I don't monitor at all. I was exercising in the beginning of the year, and it was great. I felt great, I looked better...and I let stress get in the way.

I will not make any profound promises to myself or anyone else that I will be super thin by a certain date. I just want to be healthier. is the first pic. Starting weight of 229.4.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Life is like candy land right now....

one of my ginger buddies!

I am so excited about going to camp this year! I am the activities director for a camp for kids with chronic and/or severe skin disorders. It's the one place in this world I love more than anywhere. My kids have all spent their summers there, and the people are wonderful.

It's very time consuming to plan and test and execute some of the tasks that are needed to make the schedule run well. This year, I got the crazy idea that we should make a life sized Candy Land Game Board for camp. GREAT IDEA....but it's been really time consuming over the last 6 weeks. I have lived the construction of this game board, which I don't mind, but  I have to get these ideas earlier. Every year I try to do better and better with the activities, and I cut it closer and closer to getting the job done!

A goal of mine is to start prioritizing my life again. I struggle with over committing to others, and under committing to ME. A couple of my friends have blogs that help them with accountability. I really was doing well when I posted regularly. Hopefully, when I start back with WW at the end of this month, and camp is over I can start managing my time and energy more efficiently.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures!

This little guy makes me smile!