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Monday, August 9, 2010

Life is like candy land right now....

one of my ginger buddies!

I am so excited about going to camp this year! I am the activities director for a camp for kids with chronic and/or severe skin disorders. It's the one place in this world I love more than anywhere. My kids have all spent their summers there, and the people are wonderful.

It's very time consuming to plan and test and execute some of the tasks that are needed to make the schedule run well. This year, I got the crazy idea that we should make a life sized Candy Land Game Board for camp. GREAT IDEA....but it's been really time consuming over the last 6 weeks. I have lived the construction of this game board, which I don't mind, but  I have to get these ideas earlier. Every year I try to do better and better with the activities, and I cut it closer and closer to getting the job done!

A goal of mine is to start prioritizing my life again. I struggle with over committing to others, and under committing to ME. A couple of my friends have blogs that help them with accountability. I really was doing well when I posted regularly. Hopefully, when I start back with WW at the end of this month, and camp is over I can start managing my time and energy more efficiently.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures!

This little guy makes me smile!

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