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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I must need to be on a tight schedule....

It's amazing how crazy this week has been with my husband gone on business. This is the first time that he has gone away for more than a day since we met 12 years ago.  The kids have been terrible honestly, and we all can't wait to get him back! However, I have been on a great schedule (which with preschool and classes I am taking I have to be on time) with a real high momentum. It's a little off kilter from what we are used to, but I am eating breakfast on schedule, lunch is on schedule, dinner (on time) and then we are in bed at a decent hour.

As I am going to be transitioning to a part-time position where I will be working from home a lot and the office some of the time I work, it will be very important for my kids to have a regular schedule. We have one now, but it is pretty relaxed on timing. The kids 'natural clock' has always been between 9pm and 10pm for bed, and they  wake up around 8 or 8:30. It's worked great so far. But it is time for change. Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier EVERYDAY, is going to be needed for the kids to be less disrupted by our work schedules. I am so excited about my new job. My future boss is someone I know from my church, and understands how important it is for me to be a Wife and mother first, and employee somewhere after that.

I am so thankful for the fact that I get to work from home too. This will allow me some quiet time while my husband Rob watches the kids, yet keep me close enough if they need their mommy.

I am in DESPERATE need of an exercise plan where I don't have to pay a gym membership. Hopefully I will get inspired for more exercise soon!

Take care,

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