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Monday, September 6, 2010

One more pound I am thankful is gone!

It was nice to see that I lost a pound this week. In retrospect, I had a few slip-ups, but I stayed more hydrated, ate better (most meals) and was much more active and on my feet! Considering my husband was away much of the week, I am excited. I have been chatting with a few people back and forth, and that has really helped me when going through the day! (thanks for the posts and emails...keep them coming if you can!)

I am someone that needs constant feedback in all areas of my life. It's a good trait in some ways, especially because it makes me more sensitive to giving feedback/encouragement on a frequent basis to others, but it's bad because not everyone wants to hold someone's hand in the process of life. My insecurities get the best of me most times where food and eating is concerned. I am hoping to accept that weight loss is a slow process, and I am the person who really needs to motivate me, not others.

There were a group of ladies I got together with this weekend to make meals for people who are ill or have had problems and need a little 'lift' if you will. It's something that I happened to organize with ladies from a group I am involved in (a 'life group) every other week) We made over 30 meals and desserts for people, and we had such a great time! We actually planned a date for October already! Why is it that I LOVE to motivate others, but I can't seem to get motivated myself? hmmm...I am going to work on that one this week.  If you want to feel a team spirit environment, try something like that evening. We all brought different ingredients, and made lots and lots of food for OTHERS...(At least I got to make and smell the food, right?)

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  1. I struggle too with wanting the weight gone faster than it is. I quit trying for a while and now I am getting back to it. I realized that if I had just stuck with it, I would be close to my goal by now. I wasted so much time. When you are in the middle of a storm it seems like it is in slow motion, but when you come out it is like a distant memory. Don't give up! You can do it! All these struggles will be distant memories one day!

  2. Thanks! I hope you can keep on chugging along this time too~it's hard to think of how many times i could have slowly lost the weight as opposed to getting angry and giving up as many times as I have because I did not get "instant" gratification. I EARNED these pounds, they won't go away easily. Thanks for the post!

  3. Great idea about making meals together and I'm sure the folks on the receiving end were blessed by the meals made by you ladies.

    This whole summer my weight basically stayed the same (up a pound, down a pound, several weeks staying the same - netted a 2 or 3 pound loss) and it's been frustrating. However, I know that it's been due to my choices and that life happens. There will be special events and temptations and as much as I want to lose weight, I want to remain happy. (you don't want to be around me if I'm deprived of food ;)
    Keep making good choices and it will come off; even if it is slowly. This is a journey, not a race so be gentle on yourself.
    I'm not quite sure how i came across your blog but I'm glad I did!
    Wishing you the best!!
    diane :)

  4. How very nice of you and the other ladies to get together and make meals for others. When my father was dying from Cancer and people brought in goodies to the Hospice he so appreciated them (more than the people will ever know). My mom still bakes for Hospice for that very reason. Hugs to you...I love nice people like you.

  5. Hey ladies! I love the feeling I get when I deliver a meal for people. I know how it felt when I got meals for the births of my children and for the deaths of my parents. (I was pregnant with my second child when my mother died, and my dad died on my second childs 1st birthday...when I was pregnant with my "surprise" third child) It was such a rough time for us over those few years....and the meals really did make a difference.

    If you guys get the opportunity, even once a month, deliver a meal to just one person, family, etc....and know that it was helpful. Makes you feel great.

    Hope to hear from you again soon!