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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boot Camp Day 3 (I survived!) this picture is what my "fat" and my "other fat" was doing today during jumping jacks. I was jumping and doing all the right things, and my belly kept slapping (which is the only word that i can use...which stinks) against my body. Just like two cars on the belly and my hip area should not be connected by a bumper!

We did aerobics and self defense among other things today...and we are ALL SORE! But in a good way. I have to have my body fat tested with calipers tomorrow...eek! I am ready for it though. I know how gross I felt after the jumping jacks today, and I want to remember that feeling for a while. Long enough to fix it. For those of you that have been through this, do you have any techniques/tricks that kept you motivated?

I will say that i have had more energy the last few days. But I am sure that you are thinking...something like it's just the first week...(me too a little). I just pray that it works out that I can keep motivated.

More importantly, my depression level is really decreasing with the exercise. I have anxiety issues that keep me from being motivated...this boot camp has really helped.

Have a great night!


  1. Doesn't exercise make you feel so much better?? If only I could make myself do it all the time! As far as motivation, the girls at Shrinking Jeans have been my best bet so far!

  2. Lissa~I can't believe the response and support I have gotten from the Shrinking Jeans girls! I am so lucky to have found that site. And I really do feel better. We are working our butts off (for real!) Thanks for your posts!