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Friday, January 1, 2010

OK 2010...Bring it!

I hope that this message finds everyone well and rested in the beginning of the year!

Two years about this time, I got the phone call that my mother, who was in hospice care, died. My poor dad fell asleep after watching every breath she took for over a week. The nurse said that so often, those who are dying wait until no one is looking/hovering to let go. Last year, I was pregnant with my third child, and was so worried about my dad's emotions I did ok. This year, since Dad is gone too....not a great day. I over ate (horribly) and feel so blue.

Why am I telling you this? Because like so many of us struggling with weight issues, there is always a reason for me to overeat. NOT ANYMORE! I am hoping that through the support of other bloggers, and from my friends, that I can overcome this "need" to eat all the time. I really do feel a rush of pleasure when I have something in my mouth that is salty or sweet. I am interested in how other people overcome this issue. So if you know of another blog about weight loss or coping...let me know.

My husband and I have been on a reorganizing tirade for the last two weeks and it feels GREAT to get in some kind of order. We have so much clutter surrounding us that it is hard to feel like we are done but it is getting better!

Take Care,


  1. Hi Nyky-I'm here for support, shoot me an email if you ever need anything. Take care!

  2. Thanks Tricia! It means a lot to me. Your journey seems as complicated in the process as mine is/will be. It really gives me hope that 2010 can be the year I get healthier (and thinner too)