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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have to get healthier...for these three beauties if nothing else

Here is my tentative menu for the week. I will have at least a model to go by...and I have all the food I need for what I have planned. I am starting to plan for next week already. I have so many canned goods that I really need to plan around those items first....rather than let them go bad on my shelves.

Wed- Rob and I will have Salisbury Steak frozen meals (mine with salad and/or veggies)
The kids will have PB&J
Thurs- We will all have grilled cheese and tomato soup
Friday- Left overs
Saturday- I will be off on a trip with the ladies from my church...rob and the kids will probably go to McDonald's.
Sunday- We will have turkey taco's (again...)

Wed- I will make spaghetti for the family
Thurs- Chicken Salad (made with yogurt instead of mayo...and apples)
Friday- Mac and cheese and burgers for the family. I will have a veggie platter of sorts...
Saturday- Rob and the kids will have pizza and I will still be off galavanting with the ladies.
Sunday- I will make meat loaf, potatoes and veggies.

I have to start living healthier period. My husband (who is really amazing 99% of the time) such a picky eater that it makes me go crazy! I wish he could get past his "texture" issues and help me eat healthier. We are considering a membership to the gym. It's going to be finances that hold us back if we don't do it. We both feel the need to get more exercise. That is for sure!

I am hoping to get a few more recipes that would be "waist" friendly....check out if you are looking for a great site for "overeaters"!

Take care,

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