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Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Recruit this morning....cookie exchange tonight...

Hey! Glad you stopped by to look at my blog.
Tonight I have to go to a cookie exchange at my church for ladies that went on a retreat this past fall. I love the ladies, and I can't wait to see them....but the cookie exchange could be really bad for my diet/lifestyle change. I LOVE COOKIES!

I did really well with points today, and I hope to do well tonight. I just really want to keep doing better and making better decisions with my eating. It gets so out of control very easily.

I am planning on joining a "boot camp" the first two weeks in January...hopefully that will go really well for me. I need to shed some weight to get re-motivated I think. Anyone who has a good idea for a workout video to ask "santa" for would be greatly appreciated.

Signing up another recruit today was great! I got to spend some time with a really neat person, and start a friendship too! I am almost at manager level where I will make money off of their sales. YEAH!

Cross your fingers for me tonight

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