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Monday, December 7, 2009

planning my meals and creating a schedule I remember how much i liked planning my days so much. The stress relief of just knowing what (in theory) is coming next in my day was so nice! I thawed the meat, gave the kids their lunch and snacks in a rhythm that, of late, we didn't have. I really need to look at creating a flexible schedule for other things like cleaning and working to help reduce the stress level I currently have....I am hoping to find a blog to help me in that process as well.

I really started losing track of our daily routine when my dad died in April. I had things going pretty smoothly for the most part with just Jax and Jojo for a while. Jay came just shy of two months later...and boy was that throwing feul on the fire where our messed up routine was concerned.

I have found that the more organized I am...the better I handle chaos around me. I don't always have a back-up plan, but I do have some sort of structure to fall back on.

Off to plan meals and snacks for the rest of the week (in baby steps...)

Take care,


  1. Have you checked out FlyLady? If not, you must go look her up! She really changed how I do things.

  2. Thanks CC~I will check it out! I really appreciate the info. It would be great to get on track again.