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Monday, December 7, 2009

So I decided today that I have to do some sort of meal planning to start getting myself under a livable schedule. I made extra pancakes for the kids and my hubby to save me time for the next few mornings. I use the Sneaky Chef cookbook all the time for them, which is where the recipe for the pancakes came from.

I am currently planning out my meals/snacks for us for the next week. It really worked for me in the past in many ways. Trying to lose weight is hard when you are the planning ahead for points values is nice...and it gives me some room for the impulsive points later at night when my hunger controls me. and it helps me prepare the night before so that I have the kids eating healthier snacks and meals as well.

Tonight---turkey tacos...we all love them. I can use 1/2 lb of that meat to make a great meatloaf for Wednesday night. This is eliminating waste for me as well. I am so glad that I sell Tupperware! It really does make me feel better about eating left overs.

If anyone who sees this has ideas about meal planning, please let me know!


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